Winchester model 1897 takedown

Winchester model 1897 takedown


From 1897 until 1957, over one million of these shotguns were produced. Winchester 1897 shotgun clone disassembly instructions? Today I picked up a Cimarron Arms 1897 pump shotgun for Cowboy Action Shooting. and Allied troops in various parts of the globe. Of course it can also be used for disassembling a clean rifle. I have a winchester 1897 takedown I am doing some work to and was wondering if anyone could help answer a few questions. Buy online, view images and see past prices for Winchester Model 1897 12 GA Takedown Shotgun 1925. Winchester Model 1897 12 gauge pump action shotgun. WWI Model 1897 trench guns were all solid frame The Winchester Model 94 was produced by Winchester Repeating Arms Company through 1980 and then by U. The civilian model was chambered in 12 and 16 gauge with 28" or 30" barrels.

Refunds will be given ONLY if item is not as described and must be approved before being returned. . After selecting below, make sure that the gauge you have determined for your shotgun coincides with your selected model. From 1897 until 1957, over one million of these shotguns Winchester 1897 trench gun clone build. This part is installed inside the receiver and goes thru the release pin to allow the action to work without pulling the trigger or dropping the hammer. Winchester Mod 42. The Winchester Model 1897, also known as the Model 97, M97, or Trench Gun, was a pump-action shotgun with an external hammer and tube magazine manufactured by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company. Round knob pistol-grip.

IN 1890 Winchester Repeating Arms 1897 Model "E" Takedown Winchester DOM 1918. The Model 1897/97 is my all time favorite pump. Its just too nice. It was a small (22 caliber) rifle that was meant by to increase the popularity of the 22 rimfire cartridge. D. Compact, light and fast. Military configurations are not allowed (i. The Model 1897 was an evolution of the Winchester Model 1893 designed by John Browning.

Between 1897 and 1956 more than a million were produced by Winchester Repeating Arms. Even cheaper than the repaired reproductions people are Find a variety of Winchester rifles for sale at Cabela's. Take Down versus Solid Frame shotguns. No trades. The Model 1897 was offered in numerous barrel lengths and grades, chambered in 12 and 16 gauge, and as a solid frame or takedown. If the gun is 12 gauge the barrel is 30" long and if a 16 gauge it has a 28" barrel. Stocks are very good plus. I believe the gun is made by Norinco in China.

1. The 1893 is often referred to as the "wellspring" of all pump shotguns, even those manufactured today. there is a small crack in wood where butt stock attaches to receiver and is also shown in pictures. It is a takedown model, so the polished parts could easily be replaced. Apr 5, 2019 #2. It can either be a solid frame or takedown. Made in 1907 and is a D model. Over 1,000,000 Winchester 1897's were manufactured through 1958.

When assembling or disassembling a Model 97 takedown version, hold the firearm muzzle down to keep the slide forward so that the slide arm doesn't scratch up the left side of the receiver. To determine the condition for yourself. 40-82 WCF, it was later offered in a half dozen other large cartridges, including the . Winchester model 1897 shotgun firing pin used because it has some storage scratches and blue finish loss. Model 1917 bolt-action and the famous M1 Garand semi-automatic rifles, Winchester also produced the Model 1897 and Model 12 slide-action shotguns, as well as the M1 Carbine. Daniel B. These models were a open hammer, pump operated shotgun. The M97 (military issue) had shorter barrels for the trenches.

" The proven performer for over a century. The gun works like it should but it has a lot of finish wear and dings from use as shown in the photos. 005 brass shims for use in tightening the receiver/barrel fit in takedown Winchester 1897 12 Ga shotguns. Exploded View and Parts List. With the popularity of Cowboy Action Shooting, sadly people are taking original 97's and chopping the barrels down to 20 just so they can brag about having a real Winchester rather than a Chinese made copy. The next year a takedown variant of the Win 1897 was produced. Winchester 1894 Takedown . WINCHESTER MODEL 1897 12GA.

Since assembly of the Model 1897 from field takedown is a more tricky than disassembly, sequence shown is for assembly. Excellent bore. H. 00 $3,825. My 1897 shotgun has a plain (WITHOUT CHECKERING) pistol-grip stock with a grooved forearm (slide handle). Part Description: Winchester 1897 Takedown shotgun butt stock rear stock. S. Model 1897 Model 1901 Model 1911 Model 59 Shotgun help find out what my winchester model 1897 is worth in the 40's to 60's PS.

I was surprised to find that the the 16-ga. Winchester 97 Takedown Solid Frame Home. Model 12, that handled or patterned better than a Model 1897 or 97. It is primarily intended for someone taking apart the rifle for the first time, when it is probably dirty and most of the screw threads are stuck. Hoosier Gun Works Online Catalog [ Catalog 2010 Winchester Model 70's are now being made in the US M-97 ACTION SLIDE FIXED TUBE MODEL MARKED 1897 THREE LINES. 50-110 Winchester. C. The From Wikipedia: “The Winchester Model 1897 was designed by the famous American firearms inventor John Moses Browning.

In its first year of manufacture the ’97 had a solid frame, but the next year a takedown version appeared and stayed throughout its production run Winchester Model 1897 / 97 Slide Action Shotguns: 1897 - 1957. However, the 12 gauge takedown was added in October 1898, and the 16 gauge takedown in February 1900. winchester model 1894 deluxe takedown 30 wcf antique description: #19xxx shipped 1897 26" octagon barrel checkered pistol grip stock set trigger all original gun with light wear Winchester Model 1897 97 M97 Takedown, Blue 30" Pump/Slide Action Shotgun, MFD 1908 C&R 12 GA Auction: 15496165 Find Winchester Model 97 (Takedown & Solid Frame) parts and schematics today with Numrich Gun Parts. . TAKEDOWN 30-30 Antique WINCHESTER Model 1894 Rifle. take down model. 1897 takedown, full choke 12 gauge, wood refinished and metal re blued. This is a discussion on 1897 Model "E" Takedown Winchester DOM 1918 within the Maintenance forums, part of the Firearm Forum category; Howdy all, I am getting my first Pump Shotgun, Will be using it for Wild Bunch Matchs in SASS.

smokeless ammunition. The Model 1897 was a superior slide-action exposed hammer shotgun that was specifically designed for the new smokeless powder. 22 caliber, tube fed, with a 22'' barrel. 32 WS (W9835) $4,500. com. The '97 Winchester continued in production until 1957, and while serials of past one million exist, numbering took up where the 1893 left off. The Model 1897 was one of the first successful pump-action shotguns and one of John Browning’s most renowned firearms. The Winchester Model 1897 was designed by John Moses Browning.

1892 Winchester Disassembly Takedown Manual The Taylor's 1892 Alaskan is a takedown. 45. 4, 1905, but not shipped until Oct. Add to Cart. The Winchester Model 1892, very similar in construction to the Winchester Model 1886, is one of these famous lever-action rifles. This is an external hammer shotgun without a trigger disconnect so it is capable of slam firing. Terms & Conditions. Undoubtedly, few things are more formidable or reliable in battle than a 12-gauge pump action shotgun.

Wood's expertise, step-by-step instructions and crisp photography. Here we present an antique Winchester Model 1894 Takedown Lever Action Rifle, made in 1897 in New Haven, Connecticut. The Model 1897 was the first Winchester shotgun chambered for 2 3/4 in. I wiped off the excess on the outside but need to get the gun apart. Long story short, I got a hell of a deal on a good The Model 1897 was an evolution of the Winchester Model 1893 designed by John Browning. Winchester Model 1897 Takedown Riot Shotgun 90% original blue finish with muzzle wear, scratches around the bead sight, some takedown and cycling wear, the Description: SN 5062 is a 1st year production model 61 Winchester built in October 1932. The Model 1897 was an evolution of the Winchester Model 1893 designed by John Browning. troops during World War I.

Just make sure chambering is the same for the shotgun you own. Winchester Model 97 Action Slide Spring. The stock has two small cracks behind the receiver. big old 1897 winchester pump serial # 182010, i dated Winchester Model 1895: A Look Back. Buttstock. Both receiver and barrel assemblies numbers match. If you have used all of the adjustment of the barrel sleeve and the barrel is still loose, you can use these shims to correct the problem. Repeating Arms under the Winchester brand until they ceased to manufacture rifles in 2006.

what is the value of a winchester model 1890 octagon barrel pump 22 short ser#149376 fair condition Third Model is a takedown with 24 inch barrel, blued frame Winchester 1897 Disassembly - posted in U. 45-70, . Or I'd consider trading for a Handi-Rifle Or Rossi Combo. Winchester named the 1897 after the year they introduced it. It was the ultimate iteration of Winchester levers and, although coming at the end of westward expansion, is often called "The Gun that Won the West. Trench gun has been refinished, in very good condition, stock has nice finish with one chip out of lower right hand corner, action is smooth. $300 . slide action, SN 793730, 20" barrel with heat shield, and bayonet lug.

Winchester 1893 & 1897 repeating, (pump) shotguns. A Look Back at the Winchester Model 1897. in capital Winchester model 1897 97 M97 shotgun Firing Pin 16GA I'm calling this 16GA. Marlin Model 1897 Marlin Model 1897 Disassembly Introduction This is a manual for taking apart a Marlin model 1897 22 caliber rifle. Winchester model 42 . by "Shotgun News"; Sport, sporting goods and toys industry Gunsmithing Equipment and supplies Shotguns Design and construction Maintenance and repair SOLDWinchester 1897 16ga. - $300 Feeding Tube Survival Weapons You Magazine Old West Winchester Firearms Barrel Sword Weapons Winchester model 1906 slide action takedown rifle, caliber, tube fed, with a barrel. WINCHESTER MODEL 97 M97 1897 Pump Shotgun Butt Stock & Forearm 12 Gauge Takedown - $177.

1897 Parts; Winchester Model 97 Action Slide Lock Spring Retaining Screw. F. Good Condition AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE AT OUR ON-LINE STORE The Winchester Model 1897, also known as the Model 97, M97, or Tr Click for more info 1. In addition to contract production of the U. Winchester Model 1897 . Winchester Model 1897 FIRING PIN & PIN ORIGINAL VINTAGE. It was the first truly successful pump-action shotgun produced. Step 2: Determine the Gauge Variation of your model types Winchester model 1890 1890/1906 Takedown Manual | 1890 Parts Diagram | Replacement and original parts for Winchesters and other antique firearms plus Jimenez Bryco Jennings, including firing pins, magazine tubes, barrels, receivers, takedown man Replacement and original parts for Winchesters and other antique firearms plus Jimenez Bryco Jennings, including firing pins, magazine tubes, barrels Winchester Model 1897, or 97 Date is manufacture is 1911 Takedown model 12 gauge pump 30” full choke barrel Gun has been refinished and is absolutely beautiful Dark spots seen in pics are actually reflection of vent in my ceiling This gun is shiny!! Perfect for cowboy action shooting or vintage trap The 1887 lever-action Winchester shotgun was a creation on John Browning and took on the classic lever-action design Winchester was known for.

Most of them were produced before 1925. Say hello to the Winchester Model 1897 12-gauge shotgun, or simply the M97 Trench Gun. From 1897 This Winchester Model 1895 was restored and upgraded for Tom Selleck back in 2003 and is in as-restored condition. First, insure the breech bolt (40) is in battery and carrier (68) is fully up. This rifle is a very scarce if not rare model 61 Picked up another rescue from the Cabela's used gun rack. Product Description 12 Gauge; 60% blue, excellent bore, very good + stock, 30'' barrel, With a full choke, here is a cowboy shotgun to add to your collection. It is a numbers matching takedown frame. 45 Colt lever action brings power in a The Winchester Model 1892 is arguably the slickest and handsomest lever gun ever To disassemble, locate the magazine disassembly lever at the front.

Does it function? . Model 1897's were also offered in a trench gun configuration with heat shield and bayonette lug during both world wars. 45-90 WCF and . The Standard Gun and other models had both gauges while some 1897 'models' were only made in 12 gauge. com see our add in the cowboy chronicle Affiliated Merchant Join the NRA . As you will see from the pics the finish is gone. The wood and metal are in near perfect condition, with no rust present and just the smallest of nicks in the stock. Early on in The Winchester Model 1886 was a lever-action repeating rifle designed by John Browning to handle some of the more powerful cartridges of the period.

w/ no replaced parts would be?] Well, since the pad's most likely not issue, and the buttstock might also have been shortened to allow for it - the cited situation is a non-starter, putting the gun into "shooter" category (although it might be restorable as a Cowboy comp gun). This aligns actuating groove on left side of carrier with corresponding notch on arm of action slide (17). SHOTGUN BARREL Antique Vintage Part Up for auction is this antique/vintage MODEL 1897 Winchester 12 gauge barrel. Pre-Owned. Dang. Winchester on February 20, 1866. Winchester /OR Winchester 1897 Takedown 12ga Winchester Model 1897. Takedown version.

227567 The gun is in good working condition, but there is a small crack in the stock, not very noticeable Thank you! Guns for Sale - Winchester -- Model 1897 97 M97 Takedown, Blue 32" Pump/Slide Action Shotgun, MFD 1931 C&R WINCHESTER DATES OF MANUFACTURE. From 1897 until it was discontinued by Winchester in 1957, over a million of these guns were produced in various grades and barrel lengths Review of the Winchester Model 97 6-Round Conversion Kit in The Cowboy Chronicle! Captain George Baylor, Dispatches from Camp Baylor - Mini-Tests; The Cowboy Chronicle, Vol. It lead to the 1897, which eventually lead to the Model 12, 1200, etc. Please examine images closely. American Soldiers, Police, and hunters all loved and used the trench gun which is the reason it remained in production for 59 years! 1897 trenchgun barrel, barrel for winchester 1897 trench, length of trench shield for 1897 shotgun, m1897 trench gun for sale, shooting a winchester m 1897 for sale, winchester 1897 barrels for sale, winchester 97 trench barrel, winchester 97 trench gun, winchester model 1897 trench gun barrel, winchester model 97 heat shield, winchester model Clean and maintain your Winchester Model 1873. WESSEL of Whippany, N. The Winchester Model 1897 was an evolution of the earlier Model 1893, designed by John Browning. The Winchester Model 1897, also known as the Model 97, M97, or Gangster gun, was a pump-action shotgun with an external hammer and tube magazine manufactured by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company.

American Soldiers, Police, and hunters all loved and used the trench gun which is the reason it remained in production for 59 years! The Model 1897 was an evolution of the Winchester Model 1893 designed by John Browning. Possibly a Savage 320 Or 350. The gun is drenched in some sort of protective grease/oil. B. Winchester 1897 12 gauge single barrel pump shotgun Serial no. Thanks. 30-30 caliber rifle. Winchester 1894 Parts (Pre-64) The Winchester model 1894 was introduced in October of 1894 starting at serial number 1.

There are few manufacturers that have a long-storied history in the defense industry as Winchester. Winchester manufactured just shy of one million Model 1897 shotguns, with the production taking place from July 1897 to September 1957. The IAC Model 97W is faithful to the original design except for added enhancements that improve the safety and performance of these guns. 14" LOP. Winchester Model 1894 Standard Rifle In 25-35 W. Winchester 1897 Black Diamond Grade Trap 12 Gauge Takedown 30" Shotgun Engraved Col. Barrel and Magazine Takedown Winchester Model 1897 / 97 Takedown Shotgun Parts. $18.

1954 vintage Winchester model 1897. $2. My friend (knowing the gun nut I am) is asking me to do him a favor and do a complete takedown on his old Win 1897 and clean her up for him. Remington Model 1907-15 French Berthier Rifle The Winchester model 1897 or model 97 or M97 are all the same shotgun with interchangable parts for that particular model. over US Ordnance Department cartouche, receiver is stamped with a Flaming Bomb and U. For 1924, this Winchester Shotgun is very tight. Bolt Takedown. The 16-gauge guns had a standard barrel length of 28 Find Winchester Model 97 (Takedown & Solid Frame) parts and schematics today with Numrich Gun Parts.

Designed in the late 1880's By Winchester in conjunction with John Moses and Matthew Browning, the latest version of a small, pump action 22 rifle began production as the Winchester Model 1890. Auction:13223193 LSB#: 141216BT01 Make: Winchester Model: 1897 Takedown MINT Winchester Model 1897 '97 Takedown Frame The Model 1897 was an evolution of the Winchester Model 1893 designed by John Browning. See page 118 of "Winchester Slide Action Rifles" by Ned Schwing page 118. Pre The Model 1897 was an evolution of the Winchester Model 1893 designed by John Browning. WWII US Winchester Model 1897 Winchester Takedown Trench Shotgun…An authentic late war Trench Shotgun in very fine condition overall…Barrel is dated 42 and stamped with a Flaming Bomb and Winchester inspection stamp, stock is stamped G. The Model 1897 was an improved redesign of the older Model 1893. sbfg 17632 #19xxx shipped 1897 26" octagon barrel checkered pistol grip stock set trigger alloriginal gun with light wear 12ga Winchester Model 97 Handbook [Skennerton & Riling (Author)] on Amazon. WTS Winchester Model 12, 20 guage.

97's Are My Huckleberry The best winchester 1897 repair shop in the USA ! ORIGINAL WINCHESTER 1897'S The Winchester Model 1897 is probably one of the most well-known and widely recognized pump-action shotguns ever created. From 1897 until 1957, over one million of these shotguns RIAC believes that this website is accessible to the widest possible audience pursuant to the guidelines of the Americans with Disability Act. Description: Winchester model 1897 for sale. When i I say this shot gun is tight, and works, I mean I’d bet my life on it. is a technical illustrator long interested in firearms. I inherited a Winchester Model 1897 that has some unfortunate barrel damage and need to find a replacement barrel. This shotgun is the takedown model with a modified barrel. The first model produced under his name was the Model 1866 lever-action rifle .

Winchester introduced the model 1897 slide action shotgun in the year 1897 as an improved version of its predicessor, the model 1893, and production was discontinued in 1957. Trench Gun issued to U. The barrel and tube magazine are very looseat the point where they enter the receiver. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The section on United States Military Technical Manuals has step by step directions with pictures. Winchester Model 97 Winchester Model 97 Solid Frame Winchester Model 97 Trench Gun Winchester Model 1897 '(% Similar Models v'j 45 rg I-I Banel 2 Magazine Bmd Bushing 3 Magazine Band Bushing Scrcws 4 Magazine Band 5 Barrel Extension 6 Adjusting Sleeve 7 Barrel Charnber Ring 8 Adjusting Sleeve I-ock Sqew 9 Adjusting Sleeve I-ock l0 Magazine Plug The Winchester Model 1897 fought alongside another drafted Winchester product - the Model 1912 (M12) - which served the same form and function as the Model 1897. Save winchester 1897 barrel to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. This stock is a scarce black diamond deluxe type with checkering.

No greater names have ever been linked together more solidly than Winchester® and the Model 1894. It's also a straight grip while most all 1897 stocks are pistol grip shaped. Apr 5, 2019 #3. $1050. The 12 gauge takedown was added in October 1898. Winchester, Model 1897, Take-down Trench Gun, 12 Ga. Winchester 1897 Model 97 Takedown Shotgun 12 Ga Complete Trigger Assembly . That should go quick.

Download a PDF with pricing, value and reference information for Winchester Arms, courtesy of the Standard Catalog of Firearms. Winchester 1890 Images can usually be enlarged by clicking them Which Model of Rifle? 15,553-112,970: You have a Second Model Takedown, number on lower tang I have an 1897 Winchester 12 gauge take-down shotgun. Ideal workshop reference for stripping & assembly with exploded parts drawings, specifications, service accessories What you have is a riot gun that someone has tried to make into a trench gun. Matching serial numbers. This unique 20" barrel Winchester Model 1897 Shotgun THOMAS E. J. mines a 12 ga. This lot features a Winchester Model 1897 12 Gauge Pump Action Takedown Shotgun.

The Trench Gun, the Winchester Model 1897, was an immensely popular shotgun. It is of WWII vintage, with a serial number in the 953000 range. Two Winchester Model 1897 Takedown Slide Action Shotguns -A) Winchester Model 1897 Shotgun with Factory Letter The factory letter confirms the takedown configuration, "brush" length barrel, and that it was received in the warehouse on Feb. Although it was an advanced system for its time Winchester Model 1897 takedown pump action shotgun, 12 gauge, 30 - Little John's Auction Service [a "good" condition Winchester 1897 Brush Takedown 12 Ga. No visible damage except light, ordinary wear. The Winchester 97 was first listed for sale by Winchester in 1897 as a 12 gauge solid frame model. Winchester has revived the model 94 and currently produces an 1894 since around 2012 If anyone could help out it would be much appreciated. 95.

Browning's first slide or pump-action shotgun became Winchester's 1893 model, designed to handle black powder shotshells. Old Western Gun Repair LLC AND NEW GUN SALES 602-309-4198 dustybunch@yahoo. In the 1897 Winchester catalog, it originally sold for a stunning $25. It has a 137### series serial number which dates it around 1902. the forearm was made with circular grooves around it. If you would, please let me know what source you got the quote from. by Dave Campbell USRAC offered a limited edition Model 1895 in . Almost all original finish remains.

Both were designed by firearms legend John A Brief History of Winchester Guns and the 1897 Shotgun. This shotgun has all the earmarks of a classic firearm and is not only a war dog, but a long-serving law dog as well. Buttstock (Walnut) The Winchester Model 1897, also known as the Model 97, M97, or Trench Gun, was a pump-action shotgun with an external hammer and tube magazine manufactured by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company. The last patent date on barrel is DEC. Winchester changed the designation from "Model 1894" to "Model 94" very shortly after a "Change in Manufacture Order" was issued by Frank F. takedown model. Find Current Values for your Antiques! Shotgun; Winchester, Model 1897, 12 Gauge, Takedown. They disassemble like any SOLID FRAME Winchester Model 1897.

No refund of S/H charges. Though all Browning designs were not successful, the majority were, and the 97 is no exception. WINCHESTER MODEL 1897 TAKEDOWN PUMP ACTION SHOTGUN. Serial number 51389 was the very first Model 1897 Take Down, serialized on 4/21/1898, and then received in the warehouse as a completed ready to sell gun on 4/25/1898. Combat Shotguns Message Board: I have recently purchased my first 97 trench gun. The 16-gauge guns had a standard barrel length of 28 During both World Wars, Winchester-manufactured rifles and shotguns served U. We restocked this using Mr. Manufactured approximately 1912 Takedown model with full magazine.

The gun looks like it was carried a lot but not shot to often. Winchester 1897 Takedown Instructions. Barrel and magazine tube have 98-99% strong Winchester model 1897 12 gauge 30” barrel, takedown model. Please see the shooting categories for further information. , trench guns). 12/70 full choke. 44 caliber rimfire. Also stamped on barrel is MOD, circled VP) 235 X K, and a couple other numbers/letters that are a little harder to make out.

24 No. Winchester Model 1897 16 Gauge Shotgun. Various other grades and types were eventually introduced, including the 12-ga. The Model 1897 was The stock was made longer and with less drop. I have stripped it down to bits and pieces and I will be doing a strip and re-blue here next week. AndyinEverson likes this. Current value of model 1897 Winchester pump action shotgun made in new haven Connecticut in 1897 C53746? Your model 1897 was made in 1898, according to the serial number records that remain. The head of the firing pin is stamped with the number 16.

Winchester 1897 Action Slide Lock Release Plunger Pin Spring. Takedown Shotgun. The only slide action shotgun allowed is the Model 1897 Winchester shotgun, whether original or replica. Barrel has approximately 90% finish and receiver has a thinning blue. You have a Winchester 1897 'Standard Gun. Its just about as close to new as I have ever seen. Free Online Library: A takedown for today updating a classic 1897 Winchester: with all the great shotguns out there, why update a century-old pump gun? Because there's just nothing quite like a John Browning classic. For sale is an absolutely beautiful set of furniture for a Takedown 12 gauge Winchester M97, Model 1897 shotgun.

The shotgun first premiered in Winchester’s November 1897 calendar in 12 and 16 gauge. $580 firm. The Model 1897 was first listed for sale in the November 1897 Winchester catalog as a 12 gauge solid frame. Winchester model 97 : Winchester Mod 97 ( 1897) Buttstock & Forend . I was surprised to find that the Winchester 1897 shotgun clone disassembly instructions? Today I picked up a Cimarron Arms 1897 pump shotgun for Cowboy Action Shooting. Our huge selection of popular models includes the legendary 1873 - Over one million Winchester Model 1897 pump shotguns were produced before they were discontinued in 1957. Bore is excellent. WINCHESTER 1897 SHOTGUN Butt Stock W/ Butt Plate Rear 12 GA Black Diamond Deluxe - $174.

According to the serial number it was made around 1904 (SN 229504). Chadcostner MINT Winchester Model 1897 '97 12 Gauge Takedown Frame Pump Action WWII Trench Shotgun, SN950667, C&R The factory engraving and checkering are identical to that illustrated in the 1897 Winchester catalogue "HIGHLY FINISHED ARMS" and shown on pages 209-211 of "THE BOOK OF WINCHESTER ENGRAVING" by Wilson. Toutes parties dans leur finition en bon état, groupes de taches et de piqures sans gravité sur le boitier. 1932--Serial numbers were picked at random and large blocks were skipped so serial numbers will be found as high as 849,110. Five day inspection on all sales. Burton on February 2nd, 1919. However, after encountering some mechanical difficulties and the fact that it was unable to handle the then-new smokeless powder ammunition, a similar looking, but redesigned and improved model--the famed 1897 pump shotgun--was brought out. $3.

Known not only for its widespread use in the Old West (as well as movies, shows, and even games centered around the Old West), but also for its notable use by US Soldiers in both World Wars and even the Vietnam War, the M1897 can be seen both as a military and police Winchester Model 1897 12 GA. Product Description 16 Gauge; 95% blue, excellent bore, excellent stock, 28'' barrel, Mfd 1954. 99. Winchester Rifles and Shotguns was established by Oliver F. A Winchester Model 1897 Take Down Shotgun, 12 gauge, 30" barrel, S/N 1015552 (Ca. It is much like a compact or carbine model of the famous 1886 and has the same dual, vertical locking system for impressive strength. takedown in 1900. The only good source for disassembly information is Brownells' Encyclopedia of Modern Firearms Parts and Assembly.

+ Winchester 1897 Model 97 Takedown Shotgun 12 Ga Complete Trigger Assembly . I have examined several dozen early production Model 1897 Take Down shotguns, and all of them have had the serial number stamped on the take down extension, and on the receiver. Please call or e-mail with any questions about this policy BEFORE buying. takedown. It's also a take down model. 32 WS caliber rifle. Originally chambered in . 15.

Part you receive will be in similar condition. Winchester’s Model 1897 has proven over time to be a reliable firearm for protection of America’s finest. 30-30 service rifle barrel. Heyjoe Idaho Well-Known Member. 405 Winchester; then offered it again in 2005 in a takedown version, of which I have one. (3) . Dyer Product Description. The Model 97 does have some operating peculiarities that are good to keep in mind.

Invaluable is the world's largest marketplace for art, antiques, and collectibles. In late 1963 the, pre-64 1894 rifle ended at serial number 2,586,000. This Centerfire Rifles Assembly/Disassembly download makes it simple, thanks to author J. This takedown model made it possible to quickly remove the barrel of the shotgun. Is there a way to tighten the barrel and magazine where it enters the receiver so as to allieviate this condition? Dave Beringer Winchester Mod. The Winchester Company of New Haven, Connecticut, first breathed life into their 1897 model shotgun through a modernization of its 1893 series pump gun. Total guns produced is from 1890 to 1941 is 764,365 Winchester Model 1897 Factory Take Down Riot Gun; Remington Early Model 11 "D" Grade 12 Gauge Shotgun; Winchester Model 12 Deluxe Field 16 Gauge Shotgun; Winchester Model 1892 Standard Rifle In 38 W. 2 3/4-inch chamber.

The following list contains verified Model 1894 dates based on the factory warehouse ledgers (held by the Cody Firearms Museum). W-1897 & Model 12 Takedown owner Howdy, I own 2 different Winchester takedowns, and the only time I had a problem with it is when one of my nephews (all have been over 21 for longer than I care to admit) turned the disassmebly the wrong direction, in fact he kinda forced it Winchester 1894 Takedown . Unmolested. , Cal. This rifle has a full-page illustration and description on page 426 of "THE WINCHESTER BOOK" by George Madis. 13 as part of order 31549. Certain shooting categories require a specific type of shotgun and ammunition to be used. I believe it to be a standard grade with a 30" barrel and is a take down model.

This one was made in 1911. Full choke. 1956). It has the incorrect heat shield and magazine tube for a trench gun. The shotgun features a 26" barrel, full choke, takedown design, and walnut stock. But I do not believe it has ever been in a shotgun. I thought about purchasing a Norinco clone, but I decided building my own clone from The Winchester Model 1897 was designed by the famous American firearms inventor John Moses Browning. I would check your model number?The Winchester model 1897 was a shotgun made by Winchester,while the 32-20 caliber is a rifle cartridge that was used in the model 1894 Winchester lever action Winchester 1894 Takedown .

We like to shoot the guns we collect (at least once) as we enjoy being a part of the history. Is there an online takedown/disassembly guide out there for me to just click on? Also, did the wood on these have lacquer or schellac applied from the factory. 00. e. 25. She's not winning any beauty contests, but she has character! If anyone could use this to fix up one of their 1897, or knows how to fix this one ship-shape, I'm asking $260. To See an outline of the 1897 "model" features Click Here. This takedown model breaks down in two pieces for easy storage .

S. This Winchester manufactured front sight is for the model 97 slide action shotgun and is in very goo. Manufactured in 1904. Bons marquages de Winchester avec patent, légèrement atténués sur la This is an early Model 1897 Winchester Pump Action Shotgun in 12 gauge with 30" barrel and a special order takedown frame. M97 Trench gun with Bayonet This should not come as a surprise, but this epic weapon came from the mind and hands of John Moses Browning. Manufactured in 1897 in New Haven, Connecticut. Very nice wood even. Wood is very good with nicks and dings.

I was told that the barrel is too short, what is the proper way to measure it? Thank you for your time, Mark. 28 full choke. 06. It has a low antique serial number in the 53,000 range and was built and shipped during the summer of 1898. The more common of the two are the take-down versions. Winchester introduced the Model 1893 that year, made some revisions on the locking, and introduced the improved gun in 1897. I've handled a number of different pumps over the years but, have yet to find one, including the Win. The Winchester Model 1897 (or just Winchester 97) was designed by John Moses Browning, one of the most famous American firearms inventors.

50. DOM 1941. Number 22 on the parts diagram. jbett98, SUPER X, Taco_lean and 1 other person like this. The Springfield Armory had to design a special bayonet mounting for Winchester shotguns as the bayonets in use relied on a ring fitted over a . It still has the riot gun barrel band, takedown lever, and magazine tube on it (trench guns don't have these features). This is a discussion on Winchester 1897 trench gun clone build within the Shotguns forums, part of the Gun Forum category; I recently decided I wanted an 1897 trench gun clone. Browning later designed the Winchester Model 1893 and 1897.

Selleck’s extra fancy wood to a 14-1/2″ length of pull with a leather covered recoil pad with spur. The Winchester Model 1897 was designed by the famous Winchester model 1906 slide action takedown rifle, . The Winchester Model 1897 is a pump-action shotgun chambered in 12 gauge and 16 gauge. The receiver and barrel have the same serial number. Made in 1897. The 16-gauge guns had a standard barrel length of 28 The Winchester Model 1897 was designed by American firearms inventor John Moses Browning. Came off a 12 gauge takedown The Winchester 1897 was more robust to utilize the more powerful smokeless powder that was growing in popularity. From 1897 until 1957, over one million of these shotguns Winchester Model 1897 97 M97 Takedown Black Diamond Trap Gun, Blue 22" Pump/Slide Action Shotgun, MFD 1909 C&R 12 GA Auction: 15197940 Winchester 1897 SN 836863, E series, Take Down Model, 30" Full Choke, Forcing cone has been opened, original front sight, made in 1936, very good gun with normal wear and marks for and old Winchester.

I had to save this gun from being cut down to 20" and relegated to cowboy action shooting duty. It originally used 2 1/2" ammo. Action works perfectly. John M. Winchester Model 1897 / 97 Adjusting Sleeve Lock(Takedown) Part is used. Click Here to Read † The take-down frame version is shown in the photo. Messages: 990 Likes Received: 2,296. One nickname for this gun was the "cornshucker" The model 1893 was the predecessor to the 1897, with about 33,000 being made.

8, August 2011, Page 47. He preferred the slide action to the lever action, only producing the lever action 1887 at Winchester's behest. 28" barrel with fixed MOD choke. I downloaded a copy of TM 9-285 and have been doing some reading. As mentioned in previous posts, for many years, a 1905 vintage model 1897 was my go to gun for buddy shoots at the back fence. This rifle became the Model 94 Winchester. winchester model 1897 takedown

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